Who is VeganDietGuy?


William (aka VeganDietGuy) is a vegan chef, writer/photographer, yogi, and marathon runner who passionately believes that plant-based diets are a giant step forward for animal welfare, human health, and the future of the planet. He believes the more whole unprocessed raw organic plant-based foods–predominantly vegetables–we eat the better.

Originally from Washington, DC, VeganDietGuy lived and worked in Tokyo, Japan for 22 years, adopting a plant-based diet in 2006. He holds a certificate in Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine from Matthew Kenney Academy, and in Plant-Based Nutrition from T. Colin Campbell Foundation and eCornell.

In addition, William has trained and worked at some of the most prestigious culinary schools, retreat centers, and restaurants including: Creative Health Institute, Living Light Culinary Institute, Millennium Restaurant, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, Pure Food and Wine and Elizabeth’s Gone Raw. He has given raw food demonstrations for Whole Foods Market, yoga studios, and other venues.

William now resides in Honolulu (Oahu, Hawaii) and visits Japan at least once a year.

He is extremely grateful to volunteers (noted below) who have generously translated much of this blog into Japanese, and who is helping to spread a greater understanding of vegan diet and lifestyle to his adopted home of Japan.

  • Satoshi “Cha” Yamashita
  • Naoya Koyama
  • Junko Fukuda

VeganDietGuy’s mission is two-fold:

  • Encouraging and assisting those who want to move to a vegan diet to improve their health, save the environment, and to eliminate animal suffering.
  • Making healthy, vegan foods more easily accessible to whoever wants them, wherever they reside.

In addition to writing, William does healthy cooking workshops, imports vegan foods, and consults restaurants on vegan menus.

William welcomes contact from individuals and companies who:

  • are interested in hosting a speaker on vegan lifestyle (activism, health and fitness)
  • want to learn raw and cooked vegan food preparation techniques (private and group lessons)
  • desire vegan catering services for your event
  • have a vegan product you are considering selling
  • are interested in importing/exporting any food products to/from Japan
  • would like vegan products developed for their restaurant or food shop
  • seeking information on Japanese food consumer and industry trends
  • would like to contribute to VeganDietGuy.com with articles, translation, etc


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