Eliminate Animal Products from Your Diet and Live Longer

Let me just share with you a few other of Campbell’s thoughts that converted me from an above-average meat eater to a plant-eater:

“For most Americans, the idea of giving up virtually all meat products—including beef, chicken, fish, cheese, milk and eggs—seems impossible. You might as well ask Americans to stop breathing. The whole idea seems strange, fanatical or fantastic.
This is the biggest obstacle to the adoption of a plant-based diet: most people who hear about it don’t seriously consider it, despite the truly impressive health benefits.
If you are one of these people—if you are curious about these findings but know in your heart that you will never be able to give up meat—then I know that no amount of talk will ever convince you to change your mind.
You have to try it.
Give it one month. You’ve been eating cheeseburgers your whole life; a month without them won’t kill you.”

Campbell goes on to say that while you won’t experience long-term benefits of giving up animal products in just a month, there are four things you will discover (see book for details).

Please note The China Study is not a diet plan or cookbook, but the results of Campbell’s decades of research into the effects of diet on health. Given the fact this topic may not be as exciting for everyone as it was for me, it is encouraging to observe that 4 years after publication, the book ranks in the Top 30 sales of Amazon Books.

So, what are you waiting for? Place your order for The China Study today, and give it a read. I’ll be very interested to hear your thoughts.

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