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Fill up with vegan staples at Whole Foods near Kahului Airport.All services can be customized to your specifications and are available in English or Japanese language! Payable by cash, PayPal, or Venmo.

New Services!!

Vegan Food Tours of Japan

Please join me on my next visit to Japan (Fall 2017 and Spring 2018). I will guide you to locate vegan restaurants and vegan eats in some friendly and not-so friendly establishments, as well as recommend and help book affordable lodging where you can shop and prepare meals for yourself.

Vegan Massage Therapist in Honolulu

I am a Hawaii licensed massage therapist, allowing me to address your well-being from another dimension–healing touch. Please contact me for more info about my services and rates.

Vegan Chef in Honolulu

Honolulu (Oahu), HI Services

Vegan Pantry Raid and Grocery Trip 3 hours (Honolulu, HI)  $150

The best way to stay disciplined about healthy eating is to banish empty calorie, processed foods from your house. I’ll visit your home and we’ll work together to identify foods that belong in the trash, and those that will remain in your healthy pantry and fridge. Then, we’ll visit your neighborhood organic supermarket and farmers markets (if possible), to re-stock with nutritious, healing foods.

Vegan Cooking Lesson and Vegan meal-planning (Honolulu, HI) $50 an hour

You pick the recipe, the ingredients or techniques you want to use, your nutritional goals, etc. I’ll be with you every step of the way to demonstrate and answer questions you may have. Together we can design your daily/weekly and even monthly meal plans, showing you how to save money and time preparing your meals while improving your health.  Minimum 2-hours.

Vegan Cooking Classes $50 per person (3 person minimum) for a 3 hour class

I’ll put together a customized class for you and your friends in your own home (groceries additional). Raw, cooked or a combination of both! Price valid for Honolulu, HI.

Vegan Catering (Honolulu, HI)

Whether a birthday party, romantic dinner, wedding or other special family occasion, sit-down meal or hor d’Oeuvres, I can prepare cooked or raw 100% plant-based deliciousness to your specifications and budget. Contact me for a quotation.

Oahu Vegan Holiday Tours $250 for 5 hours

Relax and be my guests (up to 4 people) as I whisk you off to the best farmers markets, organic supermarkets, vegan restaurants and juice bars that Oahu has to offer. Be ready for breathtaking scenery, music and local treats that few locals know about. (Food and entry costs additional).

Vegan Bed and Breakfast

Now under development, a cozy inn just steps away from one of the biggest and best farmers markets and beaches in the USA! Guests are pampered with homemade raw vegan breakfasts, green juices and fresh tropical fruit smoothies prepared by a certified raw vegan chef.

Online Services:

Vegan Pantry Raid 1 hour (Skype) $50

Ah…the wonders of the internet, when you can have a complete stranger (me, a vegan chef with certification in plant-based nutrition from T. Colin Campbell Institute/eCornell) checking out your pantry. We’ll read labels together and see what’s what. I’ll let you know what whole food, plant based staples you’ll need to make healthy meal plans a snap. And I’ll recommend vegan replacements for those things you just can’t live without. Now, please just don’t go telling me you can’t live without steak!

Vegan Personal Party Consulting (Skype) $50 an hour

Would you like help pulling off a successful dinner or birthday party? I can help you decide the menu, and plan out your shopping list and preparation schedule.

Vegan Personal Cooking Lesson and Vegan meal-planning (Skype) $100 for 2 hour class

You decide the recipe, or just the ingredients or techniques you want to use. I’ll be with you (virtually) every step of the way to demonstrate and answer questions you may have.

Business Services

Vegan Restaurant Consulting and Veganizing

Have you heard about the “vegan veto?” Isn’t it time your restaurant became more accommodating to the growing popularity of vegan diets? I’ll help you “veganize” your restaurant menu to offer healthy whole foods plant-based meal options for your vegan guests, their friends and families. Omnimore restaurants can also host one-night a week that is completely vegan.

Starting a Vegan Restaurant

I will help you build a vegan restaurant from scratch. Beginning with your business plan, project management, finding a location, ordering equipment, kitchen build-out, menu development, supply chain, finding and training your staff, and marketing. I will even help with fund-raising, if necessary.

 Vegan Business Incubator

If you have a brilliant idea for a vegan business but need funding, contact me and I will work to connect you with investors who may be willing to lend you money in exchange for a share of ownership or operating profit.

Email me for more information on any of the above or to make a reservation!



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