Mike Tyson Doesn’t Miss Meat

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Unless it’s every night that another U.S. celebrity talks about going vegan, it sure was a coincidence I happened to see Mike Tyson on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” yesterday.

When I visited the States last November, I caught Janet Jackson on Leno discussing her “on again off again” vegan diet and favorite vegan restaurants, and then Craig Ferguson poking fun at World Vegan Day.

This time around–jet-lagged after being back just 3 days–I was just about to sleep when the late night host announced Tyson would be his next guest. Tyson adopted a vegan diet last May, and (although any reason for giving up meat is a good one) I was curious if the boxer would be discussing what triggered his decision.

Struggling to stay awake through endless commercials, Tyson finally came on to plug “The Hangover Part 2”.  Fortunately for me, within a minute, the conversation turned to his vegan diet.  Looking remarkably fit, Tyson mentioned that he had lost 130-140 pounds since becoming vegan.

Tyson’s reason for beginning a vegan diet: “My whole family is obese,” he explained. “I am addicted to food, and want to break the cycle, and set an example for my family”, adding “whether they follow it or not” is a separate matter (apparently not).  However, Tyson said he doesn’t miss meat at all.

I was disappointed to hear Tyson say he hated vegan food, because he may discourage others considering switching to a vegan diet. While Tyson’s statement that “Food that tastes good is not good for you,” often holds true for diets that include animal products, it definitely does not have to be the case once you switch to a vegan diet.

It’s good that there are more and more high profile dietary vegans , although they can often be fickle and mislead people, too. Like when Jackson mentioned she had given up being vegan full-time because her doctor said she wasn’t getting enough protein.

One thing I agree with Tyson on is you don’t (necessarily) lose weight after switching to a vegan diet. “If you don’t do any activity, you’ll be the ‘ever-growing vegan’, Tyson said, pointing out that his improved fitness was the result of his new diet and strenuous workouts, too.

I live for the day when the popular misconception you need meat for protein is finally laid to rest. In addition, plant-based diets can be equally if not more satisfying than the typical diet, particularly once you give yourself a chance to get used to it.

By the way, what better time to start a vegan diet than this Memorial Day weekend, by picking up some vegan meat alternatives at the grocery store to throw on the grill instead of your usual meat franks and burgers. If Mike Tyson doesn’t miss meat, why should you?

4 thoughts on “Mike Tyson Doesn’t Miss Meat

  1. Razwell

    ALL food carries risk. ALL food is a minefiled in which we carefully tread. Science does not know enough yet about nutrition. The unknowns are far greater than the knowns.

    Genuine science always admits to uncertainty and vast unknowns.

    Meat is very nutritious. You cannot point your finger at meat per se as the cause of coronary artery disease. No genuine scientist would do that.

    The PROBLEM is when meat completely crowds out micronutrients, fiber , leafy green vegetables and other colorful vegetables and fruits nuts and seeds in the diet that we are built to thrive on.

    MASSIVE VARIETY is the best diet – VARIETY.

  2. Razwell

    Plants( including plant food) matter DOES have carcinogenic compounds, and other dangerous compounds too. Plants are NOT a panacea.

  3. william Post author

    Thanks for your comment. While I agree that extensive variety and moderation are critical to a healthy diet, I don’t see any reason whatsoever it needs to include animal products.
    Incidentally, your provided blog link is not working. Can you please provide a correct one?

  4. Al

    Way to go Mike!
    Moderation only applies to what is healthy to begin with.
    Eating the decaying dead flesh of an tormenting animal or drinking the puss filled milk full of steroids and antibiotics and expecting to derive any positive nutritional effect is a blunder.
    Humans vegetarian by design and meat eaters from ignorance and habit.
    Anyone can restore their mental and physical health by becoming vegan.
    The whole protein craze is all about selling meat and supplements.
    If you eat raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, sprouts you will be healthy.
    Do your own experimenting and research, don’t get caught in the marketing and advertising propaganda.

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