Rainbow Raw Food Tokyo

Satoshi has been doing an incredible job increasing awareness of veganism in Japan by translating this blog into Japanese.  An omnivore himself, he was curious about plant-based diets because of his frequent travels to India on business, where vegetarianism is common for spiritual reasons.  Satoshi’s growing interest in vegan food led him to visit a Tokyo raw vegan restaurant and file this review:

I invited a lot of friends to accompany me to a vegetarian restaurant for dinner, but none of them accepted, except Emily, my English conversation teacher. It was the first time I had tried a raw food, vegan, or even a vegetarian restaurant.

Emily has been in Japan for about half a year, and hasn’t eaten meat since high school. With a sister who is vegetarian–Emily was interested in experiencing Japanese-style raw vegan dishes.

Rainbow Raw Food Cafe and Bar in Hammatsu-cho is a very small and cozy restaurant with six tables and twelve chairs. You can choose from the Raw Food Dinner Course of six dishes (¥2,500), Combination Plate (¥1,800), or something from the a la carte menu. We each ordered the Dinner Course, and I had organic beer and Emily had a smoothie to drink.

Our meal consisted of fruit, green salad with dried onion chips and dried fruit chips, taco chips topped with Mexican salad (corn, carrots and sprouts), sushi rolls with a taste of angler sea toad liver (non animal-based, of course), raw Kimpira (sautéed burdock root), dried white radish, Chinese cabbage and sprouts with sesame dressing, and a Mexican burrito.

In conclusion, we thought Rainbow Raw Food was a charming little restaurant, with a varied and interesting menu. Each course used simple and delicious flavors. Best of all, it was healthy too!  We hope to visit there again soon–for lunch, next time.

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