Soup Beats Raw Food-Even in Honolulu

Pho Vietnamese Soup Loving Hut HonoluluAs I’ve discovered over this past winter especially–even in Hawaii–soup is not only a great pleasure but an absolute necessity for me. And I’m so grateful whenever I can guide others toward healthier vegan alternatives for their favorite comfort foods, too.

Recently, I received a request from a reader in Honolulu: “My roommate wants to eat healthy tonight,” she said, “and I seem to remember passing a vegan restaurant on Kapiolani. Can you recommend a good place to eat and also what to order?”

Obviously, she was referring to Greens and Vines (909 Kapiolani Blvd.), but with the weather in Honolulu as cold as it was (OK–cold is relative), I didn’t think raw vegan food would exactly win them over to plant-based eating.

Instead, I suggested Loving Hut (1614 S. King St.) for their set menu (choosing 2 or 3 entrees among several). “On a day like today,” I added, “I would definitely try their Pho (Vietnamese soup) or Royal Noodle Soup.”

The following day I received her report:

WOW – What a great recommendation!  We had the Summer Rolls (yummy); Golden Nuggets (breaded soy protein) – interesting flavor but not my favorite; the Fabulous Pho (absolutely terrific — I ate and ate and ate – and still brought a big container of it home); and my roommate had the Guru Curry – which she said she could eat three meals a day for days and still not have enough.

Coming from a non-vegan, this is exciting stuff! You have to hand it to the Loving Hut, one of the first vegan restaurants in Honolulu, and part of largest chain of vegan restaurants in the world. 

After reviewing Oahu’s vegan dining options on several occasions including…

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Roy’s No Treat for Vegans

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Plenty of Vegan Aloha on Oahu

…I realized it’s about time I assembled a comprehensive Guide to Vegan Dining in Honolulu. While there may only be 5 vegan restaurants, vegan-friendly options–especially fresh juice bars–are expanding rapidly.  I’ll be introducing some of the vegan-friendliest cafes, too.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 11.50.32

Stay-tuned, and please do let me know about YOUR favorite vegan-friendly restaurants in the comments.

Incidentally, I was so lucky that Hannah Kaminsky, gifted photographer, author of 4 vegan cookbooks,  and blogger captured the image of Loving Hut’s Pho (featured above) while visiting Honolulu earlier this year.  I also got to attend Hannah’s vegan baking demos and sample her  “Frankenstorm Pie” and peanut butter shortbread cookies. Thank you, Hannah!!


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