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Costco Gives Vegans 18 More Reasons to Shop

No wonder Costco has surpassed Whole Foods Market in volume of organic food sold, as I reported in Costco’s Top 5 Vegan and Healthy Favorites. While still relatively few, Costco also has more and more products labeled as “vegan” or carrying the “V” mark for vegan!

I couldn’t contain my excitement when I discovered the “Pressed by Kind” bars on a recent Costco visit to pick up some treats on my birthday. The portable source of nutrition in bars is especially important for vegans because who can’t eat out or buy food just anywhere. But not just any bars will do, since many are loaded with dairy products, processed sugars, oils, protein isolates, genetically-modified ingredients, and chemical additives and preservatives.

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Costco’s Top 5 Vegan and Healthy Favorites

Harmless Harvest says "It’s ok to be pink"Is there anything in Costco’s warehouse for a high-raw, whole foods plant-based vegan diet?

Until a few years ago, I would have scoffed “don’t be ridiculous!”, but these days there are more than a few items that may make a Costco membership worthwhile for you.

Of course, the trend to carry vegan and organic items elsewhere is growing, too. Little coincidence that it was just reported that Costco has surpassed Whole Foods Market as the biggest purveyor of organic foods in the U.S.!

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