Vegetarian Excuses?

Attended a meet up with Tokyo Vegan and Animal Rescue Kansai (ARK) meetup groups last night. Perhaps half of the attendees may have been vegetarians (of some ilk) and the rest were dragged along (one professed he enjoyed hunting, and had recently taken dogs hunting!). Hopefully some non-vegans are influenced to learn more and are moved toward veganism by talking to others or by appreciating the vegan buffet.

However, it always amazes me how few of those who attend vegan-related meetup events are vegans (I met 2 other vegans out of 100+ people). The reasons cited for being less than a total vegetarian are always the same: it’s too difficult to maintain a vegan diet. It takes too long to prepare vegan meals, and you can’t find vegan-safe foods outside the home, so why bother?

Almost everyone says if they had a private chef they would eat vegan. Lazy as it may sound to some, it is certainly true that most people prefer to eat healthy food, as long as it tastes good. Availability and convenience is another issue. One solution is to support vegan restaurants more, and to let non-vegan restaurants know we need more vegan options. Any other ideas?

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