Online Meal Planner Upgrades Your Health

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By William Santoro

A few weeks ago, I was becoming frustrated at the fact I had been exercising more frequently and eating healthier than ever–even cutting back on alcohol (mostly wine) to just a couple times a week–with little results to show for my efforts. If anything, it appeared that my weight and body fat had increased slightly!

Then a friend suggested that I may actually be eating too few calories. That didn’t make any sense to me at all, so he recommended I try out an online meal planning system, called Vitabot. Vitabot is offered by many health clubs as an added benefit for its members, and is recently being offered in an online subscription service by a small number of internet resellers. According to Vitabot’s website, their system has received critical acclaim from top nutritionists and trainers.

Picture 1It took me a just a short while to get the hang of using Vitabot’s friendly interface, after watching a video tutorial. First I input my current weight, height, body fat, activity level, and target weight. Then I went about selecting my current meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) from Vitabot’s menu (based on standards defined by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies of Science). I was happy to see Vitabot has a a filter that showed me only vegan foods, but Vitabot is suitable for vegetarians (lacto/ovo-lacto), and for meat-eaters as well (no discrimination here).

To my surprize, Vitabot revealed that I needed about 2500 calories/day and my current diet contained only 1900 calories a day.  Using a patented interactive report card system, Vitabot gave me an “F” for not having enough calories and a “C” for insufficient carbohydrates in my diet. It also revealed I had a deficiency of Cobalamin (vitamin B12), which is also common among vegans.

But Vitabot doesn’t stop there. It incorporates a food suggestion system that tells you what foods to eat more of (and the exact portion size) to achieve the optimum balance of vitamins and minerals. In my case, it instructed me to add foods that contained more calories, carbohydrates, and less sodium. I adjusted my meal plan according  to Vitabot’s recommendations until my plan achieved an  “A” grade.

Most important were the results: After following Vitabot’s recommendations for just a few days,  I actually lost a bit, and have stablilized at my desired weight.

So, whether you are trying to control your weight (up or down) or just want to make sure you are getting the right nutrients as you make adjustments to your diet, I recommend you try the Vitabot meal planning system for yourself.

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  1. Laurie

    To your statement “and is recently being offered in an online subscription service by a small number of internet resellers”. Can you give me the internet resellers? I haven’t been able to find any yet. Thank you

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